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Have you found yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities and unable to even think about your own needs? 

You may feel like you have no time for your favorite hobbies, questioning your ability to manage your household, or even do the most basic self-care tasks because you don't know where to begin.

You're not the only one struggling. And now you can have access to 16 self-care experts from all different specialties to help you create the lifestyle and mindset shifts to start feeling your best again!

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Ultimate success comes from having
a powerful community...

...which is why I am bringing together 16 experts in their fields who have walked the walk and are passionate about helping you! Here's the lineup!

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Creating Time and Space for Self-Care with Kelsie Bentley

The biggest obstacle that seems to come up for people when it comes to practicing self-care is that they don't have time or energy (headspace.) In this workshop, we will go through some of the most common reasons that self-care ends up as the LAST thing on our list of priorities for any given day, as well as a few simple adjustments that can be made to your daily routines to help integrate self-care as a natural part of your day.

About Kelsie

Kelsie Bentley is the summit host and creator at Simply Bentley. As a hairstylist by trade, she understands how challenging it can be to practice self-care when your schedule changes from day-to-day. After burning herself out about 5 years into being self-employed, she went on a mission to figure out why and how she had gotten herself into such a rut. 

Upon discovering self-care and all of the connected benefits, she made it her mission to help more self-employed women avoid making the same mistakes she did. She now offers coaching for women who are ready to see how small changes can create massive results when it comes to self-care and making it part of their daily routines.

The Regenerative Secrets of Your Moon with Toni Black

The position that the moon was in at the time of your birth can reveal specific tools that are available and specific to you to help you regenerate yourself when life gets hectic. During our time together I will reveal to you how to work with this powerful nurturing luminary by understanding its (and your) cycles. I will also show you how to find out your unique moon placement in your astrology chart, followed by a powerful moon meditation. You will want to grab some paper and some coloring goodies. We're going to get creative!


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About Toni:

Toni is an Astrologer and Creative Life Consultant that also happens to be a recovered stressed-out hot mess. She has found peace and normalcy in using mind/body tools and techniques, self-discovery, art, and energetic healing modalities. She teaches people how to work with their own astrological make-up through her engaging and fun online courses, and she also offers astrology readings to put you in touch with the mystery behind what makes you an important contributor to this world.

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Building Your Self-Care Toolkit with Sandi D

In this workshop, you will build your self-care toolkit on your own terms.

Sandi D. has created an interactive workbook that you can download and print out to create your self-care menu and build your toolkit. She will also show you how to create inspiring positive affirmations so that you can IGNITE the FIRE within!

Sandi D. will help you channel your inner ROCK STAR and find your inner zen!


About Sandi:

Sandi D., Queen of Podcast Zen, is the host of the All Things Relax with Sandi D. podcast where she interviews creative & inspiring women.

Sandi’s self-care journey started several years ago when stress affected her physical and mental health. She set out on a quest to find stress-relief techniques and started a blog about her self-care journey at All Things Relax.

In January, she and her producer/partner, G, launched a sister site, All Things Relax Studios, as a new platform to house the blog, digital products, and courses.

Sandi inspires women to relax & rejuvenate so that they can find their inner zen.

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No One Puts ME In a Corner: Quash the Inner Critic & Become a Badass with
Paulette Erato

Our inner critics are loud, negative, and kill our confidence and creativity. So what if instead of an inner critic, we had an inner cheering section? A whole team of encouraging, optimistic voices that cheered us on instead of broke us down. Stop letting your inner critic weaponize your insecurities against you, and instead replace it with an epic badass mind gardener, a cheering section, a positive influence.

Using an easy worksheet you can download now, Paulette will show you how to create this team for yourself and how to use it daily until you can “take off the training wheels” to form the habit of speaking positively to yourself. Quash your inner critic and become the badass you're meant to be!

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About Paulette

Paulette Erato is the Maker Muse inspiring women to become the most badass versions of themselves by tapping into and reconnecting to their individual and unique creative forces. She shows women how to ditch imposter syndrome and feel secure in their own skin by silencing the negativity inside their heads using simple and accessible techniques backed by science. She’ll show you how to can reclaim the space in your head and transform into the magnetic, confident, and badass woman you were meant to be.

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What would be different in your personal, professional, and home life if you could show up feeling calm, confident, and ready?

Will you trust yourself to make decisions?

Will your relationships improve?

Will you feel bold and confident enough to take that next step that you know is right?

You can have it all, without wasting time and money clicking all over the internet looking for answers.

Get connected with coaches and mentors who are invested in your success. And do it all for FREE at the Summer Self-Care Summit!

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Energy Clearing for Self-Care and Well-Being with Rosalba Fontanez

It is so important to clear out the energy that we may pick up throughout the day. In this workshop, Rosalba talks about her own healing journey as well as ways we can clear our own energy. She will finish up by teaching an effective stress relief technique to clear the heavy energy off your being, from fear, self-doubt, and grief, etc.


About Rosalba

Rosalba is a shamanic energy practitioner and teacher. For over 15 years she has trained in various energetic disciplines including Hypnotherapy, Crystal therapy, Reiki, Theta Healing, and more. Her passion and focus lie with the Ancestral Andean Teachings. These teachings have given us the opportunity to open our hearts and know self-love, owning who we are, allowing our authenticity to shine, and bringing healing to the world.

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Stop Caregiving Burnout and Start Living Your Best Life with Tina Forrestel


In my workshop, we will learn how to establish a morning, daily or weekly routine whether you have 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 Minutes. We will explore prayer or meditation time, and the value of journaling all the thoughts that show up during your quiet time. This will help you set the tone for the day so you can be more intentional on how you respond throughout your day. 

We will explore creating a support system that fits your lifestyle so that you can take the time you need for yourself. We will discuss ways let go of the guilt and shame associated with needing time for yourself, set boundaries to prevent burnout, and how we better nurture ourselves and the relationships that are important to us. And I will briefly guide you on weekly power planning so you can manage your time better and actually schedule in your self-care time!

When we care for ourselves, we can better care for others and become more resilient to those unexpected things that show up in life!

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About Tina

I am a busy mom of two kids, one with learning challenges, an Interior Designer, and the primary caregiver for my mom. It was life-changing when I became a caregiver. The overwhelm of managing my mom and kids seemed unbearable at the times. I had to let go and let God help me find inspiration each day to give myself grace in all my madness. I realized that self-care is not a choice. It's essential to my well-being in being able to care for my mom from a place of love, and not obligation. It's essential for preventing caregiver burnout. Self-care leads to self-awareness and more importantly, self-love. Self-love allows me to be the inspired caregiver inside out.

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Taming Your Inner Bully with Rebecca Forst

Do you remember those days on the playground where you were having a great time but then the class bully came over to make fun of you or even push you down? It sucked. What’s worse? That bully is still with us.

No, not literally that same one but there’s one still in your head. She is our worst critic and can make us feel awful. The worse she behaves, the more self-care you need to counteract her meanness.

You may have already known you had an Inner Bully in your head, but did you know there are multiple types of Inner Bullies? Each one behaves differently and reacts to different things in different ways. This workshop is going to help you identify which type or types of Inner Bullies are in your head so you can start taming that voice within and start feeling better. It’s time to start standing up to that negative voice within. Make sure to check out the Taming the Inner Bully workshop.


About Rebecca

Rebecca is a mindset coach helping women find and remove their hidden barriers preventing them from success. After 1.5 years of transforming her own life from the inside out, she made it her life’s purpose and mission to help other women do the same. From depressed, anxious, and stuck in a dead-end job, Rebecca has been able to become happier, more confident, and left her job behind through the unleashing process that she now teaches. She helps women who struggle with self-doubt, indecision, fear, and self-sabotage to heal their past, transform their present, and become their future. Everything starts from within and she’s there to help you every step of the way.

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Self-Care the Goddess Way with Tirra-Omilade Hargrow

More modern women realize the need to infuse their lives with the ancient wisdom and practices from their ancient ancestral mothers. However, because they haven't received the proper teachings and the world is masculine-centric, women are at a loss for how to create supportive practices that are unique to them. In this workshop, Tirra-Omilade will teach what the goddess-centered lifestyle looks like to help you craft the perfect spiritual practice that supports self-care, wellbeing, and evolution.


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About Tirra-Omilade

Tirra-Omilade Hargrow is a spiritual guide, life coach, and founder of the Goddess Inner Circle Membership and Community. She loves helping women align with their life purpose using ancient wisdom and the goddess-centered lifestyle. She is twice initiated as a priestess into African and goddess spiritual traditions, a certified hypnotherapist, and an avid student of astrology.

She has spent the last 20 years doing readings for and mentoring women in their spirituality. Tirra realizes that when women are supported with wisdom, have a community, and connect to their feminine power, they take aligned action leading to a balanced, happy, and successful life. When Tirra is not sharing wisdom, she is laughing or walking with family and friends, dancing to the latest Afrobeats and belly dance jams, or studying astrology.

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Here's what people have to say about some of our speakers:

"Nikki [Oden] is great at breaking big ideas down into manageable bite-sized pieces that I can actually apply in real life. She is relatable and just gets me. . . it's like she's in my brain! I can tell that she is super invested in me as a student and wants to see me win." –Yvonne J., entrepreneur, mom of five

"I always came away from [Anna Berardo's] workshops feeling more rooted in my faith. More grounded and definitely more love. The yoga practice was freeing especially after the discussion and journaling. The workshops allowed me to let go, truly. So you can say I came away with a sense of freedom and joy."

"Tirra-Omilade has been instrumental to my personal development--mental, spiritual, emotional (and even physical). Her readings are always on point, insightful, and grounded in practical wisdom and "action steps". She truly is a vessel of divine wisdom and a gifted communicator and interpreter of astrological wisdom, as well as guidance from the ancient ancestors and guides. I trust her immensely and cannot say enough about her readings and teachings..." -Amber

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The REAL Secret to a Desired Life (and it's Not the Self-Care Obvious!) with Cierra Mercier

Let's chat about what's needed beyond action when it comes to creating the lives of our dreams. Beyond the painted nails and bubble baths self-care trope, and a bit more different than pivoting to shadow work and journaling as well. There's one more step you can take to enhance your experience on this journey to take care of yourself, and I explain it during this interview (and why it feels SO good to start doing ASAP).

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About Cierra

Hey there, I’m Cierra! A writer (writing to heal and empower), and manifestation mentor journeying to create a life and personal brand filled with financial freedom and autonomy. If you’re a creative who desires the same, then follow along as I share my ups and downs going down this path. I co-create my life with Christ at the head, but that doesn’t mean my little slice of the internet isn’t an inclusive one. Be your biggest advocate!

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Tips on Getting Organized as a Stay-at-Home Mom and Spousal Caregiver Wish Melissa Miller

Are you in the challenging position of having to stay home with small children while also caring for a spouse with chronic illness? This is the position Melissa found herself in during the middle of 2020. Learn the resources, tips, and insight that Melissa has to share for other moms in this tumultuous season of life. 


About Melissa

Melissa Miller is a former Certified Nursing Assistant. Her journey as a full-time Stay At Home Mom & Caregiver came about when her husband got sick in December 2019. She began on medical leave in May 2020 and ultimately had to quit her job in July 2020 to stay home with her family for safety reasons. Upon research, she found a gap in information related to those in her situation of having to care for small children as well as a spouse with a chronic illness. It is her mission to help other moms in this situation learn to navigate the stress and isolation that can come from it. 

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Self-Care For Stepmoms: Why It Matters And How To Get It with Cameron Normand

Stepmoms are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than biological moms. Or stepdads. It's common for them to feel isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Like many aspects of their lives are out of their control. One of the most important things a stepmom can do to address this is to take care of herself. Cameron will discuss why it's not selfish for stepmoms to take time for themselves and give her top tips for doing just that.


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About Cameron

Cameron Normand is the host of The Stepmom Diaries podcast and founder and CEO of This Custom Life, where she provides stepmoms with tools and advice to help them embrace their blended family lives. She is a Certified Stepparent Coach and the creator of the BLENDED Family Formula For Stepmom Success.

Cameron received her BA from the University of South Carolina and her JD from Emory University School of Law. By day, she is a corporate politico in the Washington, D.C. area and serves on several non-profit boards. She was named one of the Washington Business Journal’s, “Women Who Mean Business.”

Cameron is known as “Cammie G” to four stepchildren. In her spare time, she loves pop culture, good coffee, spending time with her husband, and trying to achieve that elusive concept of “balance.” You can find Cameron at and follow her on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse.

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Self-Care as Play With Anna Berardo

Most of us have never-ending to-do lists, family and work obligations, and don't forget the basic cooking, cleaning, and shopping! With so much to do, it is not surprising that play gets put on the back burner. YUP! That's right, I said PLAY! Most people think of self-care as scheduling "me" time, but play has mental, emotional, and physical benefits. More playtime is a game-changer, but how can we create more opportunities for play?

About Anna

My name is Anna Berardo and I have been on a beautiful journey! Journaling, Yoga, and meditation have changed my life and God gifted me “Shift Your Gaze” blog. The idea of taking everyday events and surroundings and learning life lessons from what is right in front of you. It is all there, we just have to look and listen.

So now not only am I a wife, parent, sister, daughter, and speech therapist, but I am a writer and teacher. I am comfortable with my new gifts; teaching yoga, writing a blog, conducting soul care workshops, and launching an online course, The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection. I am truly blessed and feel grateful for my soul-led life.

Most recently I hosted the Whole Body Concept Summit, appeared on Simply Bentley Podcast, published 30 Day Journal Journey, and conducted Soul Care workshops. You can take a yoga class with me or find me on youtube, Facebook, and IG at Shift Your Gaze 2. 

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Who is missing out when you aren't taking care of yourself?

Is it your family because you're too tired and depleted to enjoy them? Is it your career because you don't have the energy or patience to take on projects that would help you uplevel? Is it YOU, because you aren't living the life you're truly capable of?

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How to Make Yourself a Priority - Without Feeling Guilty! with Nikki Oden

Creating a life you absolutely love begins with making yourself a priority. And there is no need to feel guilty about it! Loving yourself more than you love anyone else is the key to showing up as your highest and best in all areas of your life—including your most important relationships. Putting yourself first allows you to give freely of yourself to others.


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About Nikki

Nikki Oden is the founder of Your Ideal Mom Life and host of the Love Your Mom Life podcast. She teaches busy moms how to own their day and crush their goals—without the mom guilt. She is also a lawyer, happy wife, mom of two, and creator of Time Boss, a productivity course designed specifically for working mothers. Nikki is dedicated to empowering women to align with their highest and best selves and to refuse to be limited by mom guilt or self-doubt. She believes everything you need to create the life of your dreams is already within you. You just have to make time to harness it.

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Inner-Child Healing and Shadow Work with Ashley Rachel

Inner-child healing and shadow work are words that we are hearing a lot of lately, but what do these things entail? In this workshop, Ashley dives into what these things mean, why they're important, and some simple ways to get started!

About Ashley

Ashley Rachel is an intuitive mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. After growing a successful blog and then discovering the world of life coaching, Ashley walked away from her dream career of being a therapist to pursue coaching full time. She now supports women from around the world in growing their businesses while deepening into more self-love, self-trust, and self-worth.

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Breath for Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

In this workshop, Christina will review breathing and all the ways in which our breath nourishes us, helps support posture, core, and pelvic floor function. In addition, she will discuss the link of breath to the nervous system. You'll then go on to do several breathing exercises to finish off the workshop.

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About Christina

Christina is a 2x best-selling co-author in the You’ve Got This, Mama series. She juggles motherhood, a managerial role at the family business, and runs Matters of Movement, a Pilates-based instructional practice and podcast of the same name. During COVID-19, she began a Move Better Feel Better campaign directly supporting women’s mental health.

She lives with her family on their beloved farm and is a lover of nature, bare feet on the ground, and the breeze in her hair. 

After graduating from the exercise sciences Master’s program at the University of Toronto, she went on to study Pilates, the Franklin Method®, and the Oov, in an effort to help people find the freedom that a fit and healthy body and mind will provide.  

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I Forgot to Eat! Remembering Self-Care when You Have ADHD with Kami Timmons

It can be a challenge to remember self-care when. you have ADHD. In this presentation, Kami discusses simple ways to add self-care reminders into your already-established routines. 


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About Kami

Kami is a mom of 4 who was diagnosed with ADHD at 35 after her oldest child was diagnosed. She has since dedicated her life to raising awareness of adult ADHD. As a former elementary school teacher turned ADHD coach she helps other mamas learn to work with their ADHD instead of against it. She considers herself to be a nerdy weirdo but a proud one. When she’s not working you can usually find her playing video games, watching Dr. Who reruns, or just hanging out with her fam.

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What the FAQ

Feedback from one of Rosalba's Students:

"Rosalba, I believe in the divine and that when it is time, it is time. Receiving a session with you, was more than just luck. Your gifts are unique your light is rich and pure. I believe that Love conquers all and your essence resonates gifts from the divine. I had a deep, sleep, woke up this morning ‘light’. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was an honor and privilege to share sacred space with you. I felt nurtured and loved. What a blessing and those who seek your services, or have the 'serendipity of engaging with your beautiful dialogue, will only understand what my words mean. It is a feeling, to understand your light." ~Liz

Feedback from one of Cameron's Students:

"Cameron gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to begin to communicate openly with my partner, which continues to bring me more peace in my role as a stepmom. She is real and relatable and created a consistently positive and supportive environment for us." - Sarah R.

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